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When Hell Came to Our Home Update November 23

Master Post

Making a flying visit to the house for food and warm clothes -- the weather is starting to turn nippy.  Got an MMPA(?)  I think the "M-something Multi-Phasic Assessment" today so I can be Certified Sane(TM).  Took care of some details concerning buying and moving into the new house.  My husband says Bozo just got back so I don't have time to post details.  Gotta leave in five minutes.

Thanks for the details about DailyMotion.  I'll check that out later.

Found an email at this address from our lawyer saying that the DHS workers we saw in the video on Election Night called him up and complained that we "talked to fast".  Oh boo hoo!

Oh, thanks to those of you who offered to donate money, but we haven't needed it.  As I mentioned in my homeschooling blog intro post, we've been tigthwads for over 20 years and debt free most of that time.  This "adventure" has been exhausting and infuriating, but not financially catastrophic.  What we need are advice, moral support, and contacts for lawyers and media who might be interested in our case.  Thanks to those of you who've given us that.  I don't know what we'd do without you!

ETA1 - Our animal-minder quit, so we moved the dogs, chickens, and ducks to a friend's house.  At least they're not up here anymore.

ETA2 - A poster on my homeschool blog offered to edit the video and post it on Youtube.  Check there for more details.
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