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ETA:  I actually posted this last week but my husband messed up the setting, so nobody could see it until today.

Okay, here's the crazy "Service Plan" that DHS came up with for us, which looks nothing like any "Service Plan" any other expert has ever seen before:  Note the total lack of anything specific complaints or remedies.

The video is over 15 minutes in length and doesn't fit on youtube.  How do we chop it in half?

 When we went back to our home to vote on Election Day we found DHS waiting for us in our driveway.  Here Patti Young and Natasha Ivory try to make us sign a document saying that we agree to abide by another document that they don't have with them and which they say they've changed, BUT they won't say what the changes are and they refuse our point blank requests for specifics.  Oh yeah, and all this happens IN THE DARK.  It's blurry where they talk to our children but clears up after that when the "good" bits happen.   It's here:
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