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Oct. 12th, 2010 04:29 am (UTC)
Re: Some suggestions...
WRT 1: See if you can get cameras that don't need to be wired. Get the ones that have remote recorders. That way even if they ruin the camera, or trash the house or whatever trying to find the recorder, they will not ruin the evidence. Obviously they already know to erase whatever they can.

Also: My aunt has a program on her laptop that activates her webcam when it senses movement. And then it streams elsewhere so her druggy son cannot erase it. She keeps a small lamp on near it so it can sense someone there. Then, even if they take the laptop (she uses a cheap netbook for this because eventually she knows he will catch on and think to smash the machine), you have that documented that they were in the house, and what they DID in the house. Perhaps better would be something similar to a nanny cam in a stuffed animal. A teddy bear tossed on the floor of this room, a babydoll on a table in another, they'd never notice.