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Oct. 11th, 2010 05:23 am (UTC)
Some suggestions...
Firstly, I am so sorry this is happening to you. I truly hope everything works out. These are my suggestions:

1 - if you can afford it, put in some small cameras at the front and back door of your house where the break-ins are occuring. You need to catch, on film, those who are breaking in. This way, you can take something solid to the police - in your county and in another. If someone from the police department (ie: Bozo) is one of the people breaking in, they surely cannot ignore that kind of evidence and breach of conduct. Or another police department will be able to help.

2 - As well, or instead of the cameras, set up some cheap motion detecting lights. My friend's parents had issues with a person graffiting their car. The motion dectector lights - that lit up the moment someoe was on their property - put an end to that.

3 - Consider investing in some metal and fly-wire security doors - similar to those we have in Australia. They are slash proof and generally sturdier than wooden doors. And they give you that added protection that, when you open your wooden door, there is another, stronger one that you can see through, between you and whoever is there. They are also child proof and can have handles placed higher than a child can each. So, should someone break-in again and claim your child has wnadered out, you have clear evidence a child could not have done so.

4 - Failing any of those, I would suggest moving -now- and staying at a family member or friend's home. You do not want to be there with your children, alone, especially if they are getting into your home. Take photographic evidence - with dates - before you leave, of the entire house, inside and out, so that any damage done while you are gone will be evident.

5 - Inform the police department, now, that you were in contact with while at "Good Buddy's" home and tell them what you are doing and what has happened. They seemed like they were willing to try and help. Inform them that you are either setting up cameras, or taking photographic evidence. Make sure you take down names and dates of when you've spoken to people. Keep good records so you have a detailed time line and detailed list of contacts, and what people have said. Send copies of the recording to as many people as you can and do the same with any film footage you get if you also go that route. If ANYONE comes to your door, demand identification from here on out. Even if it is the District Attorney, do not let them in if they have no ID, you have more than enough right to do that. Contact a alwyer, now, outside your county and do the same I told you to do with the police - inform them of your plans, take down all their names, dates of the call and the time, etc.

Keep safe, I hope something I have said helps. Do not let these people bully and intimidate you. You are doing the right thing.
Oct. 12th, 2010 04:29 am (UTC)
Re: Some suggestions...
WRT 1: See if you can get cameras that don't need to be wired. Get the ones that have remote recorders. That way even if they ruin the camera, or trash the house or whatever trying to find the recorder, they will not ruin the evidence. Obviously they already know to erase whatever they can.

Also: My aunt has a program on her laptop that activates her webcam when it senses movement. And then it streams elsewhere so her druggy son cannot erase it. She keeps a small lamp on near it so it can sense someone there. Then, even if they take the laptop (she uses a cheap netbook for this because eventually she knows he will catch on and think to smash the machine), you have that documented that they were in the house, and what they DID in the house. Perhaps better would be something similar to a nanny cam in a stuffed animal. A teddy bear tossed on the floor of this room, a babydoll on a table in another, they'd never notice.