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Crabby's Index

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Nine/Jack/Rose drabble
Anything With a Phone Number

 Honest - Jack drabble
In Your Dreams - romantic comedy

Torchwood S1 onshots
Push - romantic character study
The Project - angst
Kissing Games - romantic comedy
Reception Difficulties - generic comedy

Torchwood S1 long-fic
Damages, the prequel to Training
Training Part 1
Training Part 2
Training Part 3
Training Part 4
Post Torchwood S1 Pre-Torchwood S2
Abbadon, Schmabbadon - Bilis' real motive
Post-Mortem and it's sequel, The Tale of the Big Bad Wolf
Post-Mortem Part 1
Interlude - Shelter
Post-Mortem Part 2
Post-Mortem Part 3
Post-Mortem Part 4
Epilogue - The Storyteller

The Tale of the Big Bad Wolf Part 1:  When Martha Met Jack
The Tale of the Big Bad Wolf Part 2:  Constellations of Blood
The Tale of the Big Bad Wolf Part 3:  The Knight and the Sheriff
The Year That Never Was
Killing Time - PG

Post DWS3 Pre-Torchwood S2
The Plas - introspective drabble.  Angst?  You decide.

Torchwood S2
The Courtship of Ianto Jones
Frustration - Jack's POV
Maybe - Ianto's POV

Hostage Situation - BDSM, mention of real torture, NC-17
Part 1
Part 2

Doctor's Opinion - oblique mention of BDSM

Crossover Crack "Ianto and the Stormtroopers"
Headhunting Part 1
Part 2


Doctor Who Series 1
The End of the World
The Unquiet Dead
Aliens of London and World War III
The Long Game
Father's Day
The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
Boom Town
Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways
2005 Doctor Who Summary:  Heroes
Torchwood Series 2
As Seen in Something in the Darkness by Stephen James Walker
Kiss Kiss Bang Part 1 Bang
 KKBB Part 2:  Relationship Mirrors
KKBB Part 3:  Themes and Things

To the Last Man
Dead Man Walking
A Day in the Death

Something Borrowed
SB Part 2
SB Part 3:  Jack and Ianto's Relationship as of Something Borrowed

From Out of the Rain
Exit Wounds
Series One
Sex in Torchwood:  Day One
How Long Has Jack Protected From Torchwood?
U.N.I.T. Dating and Torchwood
"It It's Alien, It's Ours"
Cyberwoman as Oedipus Rex, An Analysis
Quotes About Torchwood vs. Real Life
Justice in Torchwood
Is There a Torchwood/Firefly Parallel With Jack and Ianto?
Torchwood and Commedia del Arte
Series 2
New Game!
Is There a Double Standard in Torchwood Fandom?

Torchwood By Stopwatch and Staging Notes
Torchwood S1 by Stopwatch
S1 Staging Notes
Torchwood S2 by Stopwatch
S2 Staging Notes

 Personal Updates

Homeschool Blog

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